Quartzy and BearBuy

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Compounds are typically ordered by adding requests on quartzy.com. Once the request is approved, the order is placed on BearBuy (by the lab manager). Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Placing requests and adding new vendors to BearBuy

1) Whenever possible, if the lab still uses Quartzy, please enter (not place orders via Quartzy) your orders in Quartzy vs sending them directly to the lab manager (Henry). Entering it in Quartzy will help keep track of the whereabouts of the compounds you are ordering (qty, location, etc). Henry will check Quartzy & place your orders.

2) If a vendor is not set up in BearBuy, have the vendor complete the W-8BEN-E form (for international vendors), or, the W-8BEN form (for domestic vendors). To check whether a vendor is setup in BearBuy, login via MyAccess and search through the suppliers. The W8 forms are available from the purchasing manager Matthew Denny (matt.denny@ucsf.edu). Forward the completed form to Yvonne or Matt Denny so the vendor can be set up in BearBuy.

3) Please DO NOT place orders w/o PO #s, or, have vendors invoice UCSF w/o a PO #. An order, or, invoice w/o a PO # causes problems w/ purchasing & accounting. Don't place orders w/o PO #s. If you have an urgent order, you will still need a PO to place it. If necessary, consult Matt Denny (matt.denny@ucsf.edu) on how to best place/expedite urgent orders, or, if you have any questions about purchasing.

Placing orders in BearBuy from Quartzy requests

Written by Henry O'Donnell

How to place orders for the lab

- Log in to Quartzy and check for new order requests, take note of the total price, the supplier, name of the person who placed the order, and the grant ID

If there is a PDF quote attached for multiple compounds:

-Click on the order request and download the PDF, but rename the file by adding the requester’s name and the date. For Example, change “Q125768.pdf” to “John Smith March 2 Q125768.pdf”

-Copy the new file name (exclude .pdf), in this example you would copy “John Smith March 2 Q125768”

-Log in to MyAccess and open “BearBuy”, scroll down and select “Amount based PO”

-Input the name of the supplier (if the supplier is Tocris, input R&D)

-Under Product description write “Chemicals per attached quote John Smith March 2 Q125768”. Paste the name of the file to save time and avoid mistakes.

-Input the total price, select commodity code 00025 Chemicals, select “No” for the Protected health drop down, “No” for the services requested drop down, and “Agree” for the conflict of interest question

-Scroll to the bottom of the form and attach the pdf file under “external files”

-Scroll up and select “go”, then “proceed to check out”

If there is NOT a PDF quote attached for multiple compounds:

-On the Bearbuy homepage search for the item, make sure it matches the request exactly, and add to cart.

-If you can’t find the exact item, use the “non-catalog” form under the frequently used forms section.

-Enter in the supplier, product description, catalogue number and price. Try to be specific in the product description.

-Select commodity code 00025 Chemicals, and enter the relevant information for quantity. Select “No” for the Protected health drop down, and “Agree” for the conflict of interest question

-Scroll up and select “go”, then “proceed to check out”

Check out:

-Edit the procurement department and enter “333019”

-Edit the Accounting code and enter the corresponding Grant ID which should begin with PPSHOF

-Edit the Shipping address, select the appropriate address and name. You may have to look up the address by typing in “BH509” or “BH501”

-Finally, click “assign cart”, enter “Matthew Denny” and under notes write “Chemicals per attached quote John Smith March 2 Q125768” or leave blank for single items.