How to Install SmartsEditor on CentOS6

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Written by Jennifer Young on January 10, 2020

Step 1: Register

See link here which says

SMARTSeditor is part of the AMD tools software bundle. To download SMARTSeditor, register at with your UCSF email

Step 2: Download RedHat 64 Bit Zip and extract

They will email you with a link to log in and download Smarts Editor. Download the RedHat 64 Bit Zip from the website. Important! Don't download the linux64 which is for Ubuntu.

   tar xvzf SmartsEditor_2.2.0_CentOS-6.10-64bit.tar.gz

Step 3: Run and enter license key

Go into the directory after extracting and run SmartsEditor

   cd SmartsEditor_2.2.0

In your browser where you downloaded the file, also download the license key. Copy and paste the license key into the box. The SmartsEditor GUI should appear on your desktop after that.